ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
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Training Programme for Technical Personnel of ICAR on  
"Web-designing, Development and Maintenance using Open Source Software"
Under the aegis of
Human Resource Management Section, ICAR, New Delhi
      Course Coordinator   : Sh. Pal Singh 
(pal.singh@icar.gov.in)                            Course  Coordinator  :   Dr Sudeep Marwaha (sudeep.marwaha@icar.gov.in)
Dated :  February 18-27, 2017

List of Selected Participants

Winter School on  
"Advanced Statistical Techniques in Genetics and Genomics"
Under the aegis of
Agricultural Education Division, ICAR, New Delhi
      Course Director : Dr Amrit Kumar Paul
     Course Co- Director    : Sh. Samarendra Das (sam@iasri.res.in)
Dated :  March 02-22, 2017

List of Selected Participants









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