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The acroynym SPFE for STATISTICAL PACKAGE FOR FACTORIAL EXPERIMENTS.This packages essentially generates the designs for symmetricals and asymmetricals factorial experiments and also gives the analysis of the data generated.It has the capability to generate the randomized layout of the design for factorial experiments with or without confounding.The design is generated once the independent interaction to be confounded are listed .Different number of interaction may be confounded in different replications.It also generates regular fractional factorial plan for symmetrical factorial experiments.It analyzes the data generated from the experiments using these designs. For the analysis, the treatment combination are written in lexicographic order and then renumbered from 1 to N,where N is the number of treatment combinations.The data generates are analyzed as per usual procedures of designs for single factor experiments.Contrast analysis is carried out to obtain the sum of square of main effects and interactions.A null hypothesis on any other contrast of interest can also be tested.

The package is also useful for illustration purposes in the classroom teaching well as for the researchers in Statistics with interest in experimental designs particularly in factorial experiments.

It is user-friendly, interactive and Password protected Software.It is completely Menu-Driven and can also be operated using TOOLSBARS of SPFE.

Complete Help with Index, Contents and Search facility is available. The package can be run without the aid of a manual.

There is a facility of changing the Password during installation time. The package is completely Standalone and is compatible with the Latest Technology.It runs on .NET(web) Platform.