Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute (ICAR)

Event of The Day

Hindi Rajbhasha Workshop 
( 5th June., 2018)

Hindi Workshop 
(30th October., 2017)

Hindi Quiz competition 
( 30th Aug., 2017)

Hindi Release of Sankhiki - Vimarsh 2017-18 

19th Research Advisory Committee (RAC) 
( 8th May., 2018)

Hindi Workshop on contribution of Statistics and Information Science for the welfare of Farmers 
(20 January., 2018)

Hindi Workshop 
(30 November to 4th December., 2017)

Training programme on “Recent Developments in Statistical Modeling and Forecasting in Agriculure"
(28th Dec 2017 - 17th Jan., 2018)

Hindi Workshop on Use of  Computers in Agriculture
(9th January., 2018)

Hindi Workshop 
(25-27 September., 2017)

Droga Singh Lecture 2017  
( 14th  September., 2017)

Hindi Pakhwara 2017
(1st - 14th Sept., 2017)

Training program for Ethopian Participants  
( 1-5th  May., 2017)

Training program for Ethopian Participants  
( 17-21st April., 2017)

One day Workshop of Sample Survey Division
(27 March., 2017)

Teacher's Day celebration 
( 5th September., 2017)

Hindi Workshop on Use of Bio-Informatics in Agriculture
(27-29th June., 2017)

Training programme on “Experimental Data Analysis” for ICAR Technical Personnel
(26th July - 8th Aug., 2017)

 Annual Day 2017 
( 3rd July., 2017)

Hindi Workshop  
(24-26th May, 2017)

 Valedictory Function of Training Programme on  Data Analysis and Interpretation for ISS Probationers 
( 15-26th May., 2017)