ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
(Indian Council of Agricultural Research)




F.No. 14(12)/2016-Admn.I                            Dated 21-02-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( Proforma for police verification in r/o RA SRF YP- reg.)

F.No.11(2)/2016- Admn.I                          Dated  20-02-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( Limited Departmental Examination in r/o LDC- reg.)

F.No. 12(1)/2009-Admn.I                            Dated 17-02-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( Pre ponement of submission of Assessment proforma in r/o scientist - reg.)

F.No.36(12)/2017- Maint.                        Dated  16-02-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( Final Priority List for allotment of staff quarter- reg.)

F.No. 14(1)/2017-Admn.II                            Dated 2-02-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( Re-constituted of Women Cell - reg.)

F.No.6(1)/2016- Admn.I                         Dated  31-01-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( 7th Pay Commission Option Form- reg.)

F.No. 20(3)/2015-Admn.I                            Dated 30-01-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( Eligibility for promotion to Principal Scientist - reg.)

F.No.20(02)/2013-Admn.I                         Dated  28-01-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 (Shahidi Diwas- reg.)

F.No. 36(12)/2017-Maint.                            Dated 27-01-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( Residential Quarter Allotment - reg.)

F.No.10(08)/2016-Hindi                      Dated  21-01-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 (Hindi workshop 9-14 February 2017- reg.)

F.No. 20(38)/2008-Admn. I                       Dated 12-01-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( Bio-metric Attendance - reg.)

F.No.20(22)/2014-Admn. I                    Dated  12-01-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 (Swatch Bharat Mission - reg.)

F.No. 20(17)/2013-Admn. I                       Dated 28-12-2016Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( Immovable property Return - reg.)

F.No.9(1)/2016-Admn. II                    Dated  24-12-2016Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 (Social Science relevant or equivalent qualification in TSR - reg.)

F.No. 1(8)/2016-Store                       Dated 24-12-2016Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( Equipment and Furniture Items - reg.)

F.No.36(12)/2017-Maint.                 Dated  23-12-2016Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( Allotment of Residential Quarter   - reg.)

F.No. 9(12)/2016-Hindi                        Dated 22-12-2016
 ( Publishing of Hindi lekh  - reg.)

F.No. 15(2)/15-Admn.-I                 Dated 08-12-2016Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 ( Id-ul-Milad leave on 12-12-2016 - reg.)

F.No.10(8)/2016-Hindi (Part-I)              Dated  08-12-2016Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 (  Date change of 03 days Hindi Workshop - reg.)

F.No. 10(8)/2016-Hindi                        Dated 2-12-2016
 ( 03 days Hindi Workshop - reg.)

F.No.17(1)/2013-Admn.I                       Dated  17-11-2016
 ( proforma in r/o Career Advancement Scheme for Scientist )














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