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(Indian Council of Agricultural Research)




F.No. 21(11)/2017-Admin-II                          Dated  07-11-2017Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)
 (Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS).)
F.No.20(14)/1994-Admn.I                                      Dated  10-11-2017
  ( Celebrating Communal Harmony and Flag  Day - reg.)
F.No. 10(8)/2017-Hindi                          Dated  10-11-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 (Hindi workshop  - reg.)
F.No.24(Misc.)/2017-Cash                                  Dated  5-10-2017
 (Guidelines on Air Travel on Official Tours - reg.)
F.No. 9(6)/2017-Hindi (Pt. 2)                         Dated  30-10-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 (Hindi Sammiti  - reg.)
F.No.21(21)/2017-Admn.I                                 Dated  25-10-2017
 (Minimum use of paper for official work - reg.)
F.No. 3(18)/2002-OMV                              Dated  27-10-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 (Seminar on Vigilance - reg.)
F.No.9(8)/2017-Hindi (Pt. III)                            Dated  24-10-2017
 (Shodh patr pratyogita - reg.)
F.No. 10(8)/2017-Hindi                             Dated  24-10-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 (Workshop on Hindi Rajbhasha - reg.)
F.No.9(12)/2017-Hindi                                  Dated  24-10-2017
 (Sankhiyki Vimarsh Lekh - reg.)
F.No. 20(38)/2008-Admn.I (Vol.-1)              Dated  16-10-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 (Aadhar based Biometric Attendance - reg.)
F.No.20(38)/2008-Admn.I (Vol.-1)                 Dated  16-10-2017
 (Appointment of Nodal Officer  for Aadhar Based Biometric Attendance - reg.)
F.No. 3(18)/2002-OMV                       Dated  16-10-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 (Central Vigilance Week - reg.)
F.No.20(22)/2014-Admn.I                      Dated  13-10-2017
 (Eco Friendly Diwali 2017 - reg.)
F.No. 14(16)/2017-Admn.I                   Dated  10-10-2017Aadhar Enabled Biomertic
 (IT Professionals - reg.)
F.No.20(22)/2014-Admn.I                      Dated  23-09-2017
 (Corrigendum in r/o circular dated 22/9/2017 - reg.)
F.No. 20(16)/2017-Admn.I                        Dated  22-09-2017
 (Compulsory Attendance for all officials during swacch Bharat Abhiyaan - reg.)
F.No.20(22)/2014-Admn.I                      Dated  22-09-2017
 (Organizing different works on the occasion of swacch Bharat abhiyaan - reg.)
F.No. 15(2)/2017-Admn.I                        Dated  15-09-2017
 (Buyers Training on GEM for Officials - reg.)











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