Agricultural  research  is  a vital  input  for planned  growth and sustainable development of agriculture in  the  country. Indian  Council of   Agricultural  Research,  being   an   apex  scientific  organization at national  level,  plays  a  crucial  role in promoting and  accelerating the use of  science  and  technology  programmes  relating to  agricultural research  and  education. It  also provides  assistance  and support in demonstrating the use of new technologies in  agriculture. Information pertaining  to  agricultural  research, education  and  related aspects available  from  different  sources is  scattered  over  various types of published and  unpublished records. This  Agricultural Research Data Book 2016, which  is the Nineteenth in the series, is  an attempt to put  together  main components/ indicators of such  information.  The Data Book comprising of 148 tables, is organized, for the purpose of convenience of the users into 10 sections. 




Published by : Director, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, Pusa, New Delhi -110012